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Welcome To the Dermal & General Surgical products of Advanced Biotech Products (P) Ltd

ABP has acquired a U.S. patented proprietary surgical grade type-I collagen production technology that renders different surgical products to make it a leader in this field. We are now one of the exclusive manufacturing companies in the world that produces high purity, bio-compatible and least immunogenic collagen products. We offer our distinguished products like Hemocoll & Surgicoll-Mesh for tissue repair, remodel and regeneration of varied soft tissue applications and also Healicoll product is meant to heal all kinds of dermal wounds of burn, trauma or ulcer. All our products in every area of application shows the dramatic clinical advantages through the clinical studies in prestigious institutions like Stanford University, CA, USA and at the Shriner’s Burn Center, TX, USA.

ABP is structured with highly extensive and experienced industry knowledge professionals that ensure flawless handling of our state-of-art production activities. The technological advancement and the tie-up with an American company reflect a new focus on the bio-medical product market. The company's experience in Medical Device manufacturing enables the company to manufacture such high-end products. We are now one of the leading manufacturing companies of high purity, bio-compatible and less immunogenic collagen products. We do our marketing exposure throughout India, Malaysia, Srilanka and other nearby countries.

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Our Teams

Dr. S. Gunasekaran

Dr. Guna is the founder and CEO of ABP. Dr Guna holds a Ph.D. in Biological-chemistry/Neuro-physiology. Developed innovative US patented tissue regenerative nanotech technology surgical products over 3 decades.

Leland Winters

Master of Health Organization Administration

Thiripura Sundari, BA

Marketing & Sales

K. Balendar

Office Manager

V. Muthu BS (Bio)MEd

Regulatory Afairs

Kalai Gunasekaran

QC & Executive Board

P. Indumathy, B Com

Purchasing & Quality Management

C. Zameer, BSc Chem., BGL

Production Operations

Marilyn Kwolek, MD

Advisory Board


Healicoll is an acellular dermal matrix derived from bovine Type-1 collagen. Healicoll is ultra-pure through the patented manufacturing process making it safe for patients of all ages.





Healicoll has been proven to granulate tissue in 4-5 days by creating rapid neo-vascularization. Full molecules of collagen provide up to 3,000 receptor sites for your body's own growth factors to attach to and begin tissue regeneration. Healicoll reduces inflammation which helps reduce pain, and kick starts the healing process. Healicoll has proven to successfully heal wounds of all types and burns, for patients of all ages including those with additional health issues affecting their healing.



Simple, fast application procedure:

  • - Remove from package and separate clear backing from product.
  • - Soak in sterile saline or water for 5 minutes.
  • - Fenestrate if exudate is present.
  • - Apply to wound bed, remove any air bubbles.
  • - Refer to the Healicoll Layering Guide for dressing recommendations.
For surgical settings: Healicoll can be sutured or stapled in place as needed.

Once Healicoll has been applied, do not disturb the wound or remove Healicoll. For scheduled dressing changes or weekly follow up, additional layers of Healicoll can be applied right over any remaining collagen in the wound bed..

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