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Advanced Biotech Products (P) Ltd (ABP) accomplished in August 1993 at Chennai, India. ABP was founded and developed by Dr. S. Gunasekaran, the world's one of the foremost collagen experts. ABP has acquired a U.S. patented proprietary collagen production technology to make it a leader in this field. The unparallel refinement steps of the manifested technology results in a high purity, less immunogenic and better bio-compatible collagen than that are currently available in the commercial market. ABP is proud to manufacture the products with type I collagen, based on American technology. Our company uses the manifested technology of California based company in USA, for developing high perimeter Advanced Biotech Surgical Products in the area of wound healing, drug delivery and tissue repair. Through the vast extensive research and manifest technology we offer our exclusive products namely Healicoll, Hemocoll & Surgicoll-Mesh. We offer a wide range of products for our dermal customers with its effectiveness and technology.

ABP is structured with highly extensive and experienced industry knowledge professionals that ensures flawless handling of the involved production activities. The technological advancement and the tie-up with an American company reflects a new focus on the bio-medical product market. The company's experience in Medical Device manufacturing enables the company to manufacture such high-end products. We are now one of the leading manufacturer company of high purity, bio-compatible and less immunogenic collagen products. We are highly focusing our marketing exposure throughout Malaysia, India, Srilanka.

Today, after those probationary ways, ABP journey is not only moving strong but also enhances its new advanced products for its effective customers. We are further expanding our marketing exposure of the products over European and Asian countries

Our Mission: "To ensure the healthy and effective cureness with high purity and bio-compatible products to the consumers."

Our Vision: "Be the leader in the advancement of collagen products manufacturing sector in the world by 2019-2020"

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Our Teams

Dr. S. Gunasekaran

Dr. Guna is the founder and CEO of ABP. Dr Guna holds a Ph.D. in Biological-chemistry/Neuro-physiology. Developed innovative US patented tissue regenerative nanotech technology surgical products over 3 decades.

Leland Winters

Master of Health Organization Administration

Thiripura Sundari, BA

Marketing & Sales

K. Balendar

Office Manager

V. Muthu BS (Bio)MEd

Regulatory Afairs

Kalai Gunasekaran

QC & Executive Board

P. Indumathy, B Com

Purchasing & Quality Management

C. Zameer, BSc Chem., BGL

Production Operations

Marilyn Kwolek, MD

Advisory Board